Safety - let’s get it right!

Drink riding is a big NO

If you didn’t know, it's illegal to ride under the influence of alcohol. If you have any doubts,  take the Voi ‘Reaction Test’ on our  app which tests your cognitive abilities. If you fail, walk or get a cab.

Pavement riding, don’t even think about it!

Pavements are for pedestrians. Bikes, e-scooters and any other vehicles should only be used on roads or cycle lanes.

Scooters are not to be shared

Sharing is caring but not when it comes to e-scooters. You can ride with friends and family but only one person should ride a scooter at a time.

Scooters like selfies

You always have to take a Parking Photo at the end of your ride to make sure the scooter is safely parked. It doesn’t take long and you’ll get the hang of it very quickly. Just make sure you leave the scooter upright and in a safe parking spot. In short, always ping it, don’t sling it.

Driving lessons are fun and free

We run pop-up safety events and also online. Unlike learning to drive a car, these lessons are free. We also have a fun online driving school, called RideLikeVoila which you can do on our website or app. It guides you through parking and riding tips, rules of the road and more.

Beginners welcome

If you’re a newbie, just take it easy by switching on 'Beginner’s mode' on the Voi app. Your speed is automatically reduced to 10mph for all of your ride time. Once you feel ready to increase the speed you can do so. In fact, Voi’s maximum speed limit is 12mph, so not that speedy - just chilled and cheery.